Dyslexia Awareness Week – 3 Generations in Engineering

Dyslexia Awareness Week – 3 Generations in Engineering

Area Manager Steve Mack’s grandad suffered with dyslexia and during school he was told he would never accomplish anything.

He ended up setting up his own demolition company where Steve’s dad and uncle also worked alongside him. Here are Steve’s dad and grandad in the picture.

When he had been in business for many years, the school that he went to all those years previously came up for demolition. He placed a tender in for £0 but with the office staff producing all the quality. Needless to say, he won the contract and had great pleasure demolishing the school. Even the local news came to interview him to find out why he had done it for no money, with him explaining it was due to the fact during school he was teased as he was unable to read and write due to the school not diagnosing Dyslexia.

Steve said that his dad and uncle also struggled but people were more aware of dyslexia at this point, but the issue is still something close to Steve’s heart.

Steve said that his grandad taught him, his dad and uncle about engineering, amongst other life skills, so the careers of 3 generations of Mack men in engineering were down to his grandad never giving up.