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Water & environment engineers

Our Water & Environment team are writing the future, working right across the UK on projects of all shapes and sizes to ensure water abundance and climate resilience for decades to come.

The expertise of our engineers covers everything from flood risk management for a multi-million pound project, to local drainage improvements. They understand that, no matter how big or small a project is, you’ll need a specialist for the job.

They’re involved at all project stages, from the review and audit of planning documents, through to site supervision and delivery management of major water schemes.

One thing we can guarantee – our people always deliver, not just to ensure the successful completion of a project, but to leave a legacy.

What can we do?

We provide services covering all aspects of the Water & Environment sector, including:

  • Flood risk management
  • Water infrastructure
  • Project and programme management
  • Water environment
  • Coastal management
  • Modelling
  • Flooding and drainage
  • Hydrology

Who do we work with?

We work across the public and private sectors, supporting the Environment Agency for over 25 years, and also working with Natural Resources Wales, utility companies, lead local flood authorities, along with a wide range of civil engineering and environmental consultancies.

Training & development

Did you know that our industry-leading professional development scheme is accredited by CIWEM? This means we’re going above and beyond to ensure our colleagues with dreams of chartership are supported and mentored on their journey.

Key contact

Andrew Woodliffe is an experienced engineer who has worked in the water sector for more than 20 years. During his career with Waterman Aspen, he has worked on numerous large-scale projects before becoming Water & Environment sector lead.

Project examples

Here’s a snapshot of just a few of the projects our people are involved in.

Flood risk prevention for HS2

Flood risk prevention for HS2

We are providing specialists to develop the technical quality, specifications, standards and assurance for flood risk aspects of the HS2 programme.

Drawing on a wealth of knowledge and experience, our people have been giving expert flood risk advice for major elements of the project, such as the construction of the East Midlands Hub Station. Detailed understanding of National Planning Policy and a large network of contacts within the Environment Agency and water industry have been key elements that our colleagues have brought to the team during their secondment.

Highways flooding and drainage for Coventry City Council

Highways flooding and drainage for Coventry City Council

We are working on a number of highway drainage schemes in and around Coventry, prioritising projects on behalf of the city council. Our secondee analyses flood reports, providing the specialist knowledge within the team to make a professional judgement based on the data.

It’s a vital role, requiring a specific set of skills, and our bespoke secondment arrangement means the council can draw on our expertise for as long as they need it.

Regenerating a disused harbour in Gloucestershire

Regenerating a disused harbour in Gloucestershire

One of the most common roles we are asked to supply is project management, but few projects are as picturesque as the regeneration of Lydney Harbour in the Bristol Channel. Our people are working with the Environment Agency to bring the harbour back into operation, managing a team to clear the site, including dealing with abandoned boats and overgrown vegetation.

A crucial element of the project is an ecological assessment of the presence of glass eels, which are a protected species, so the work needs to be carefully managed to ensure all necessary legal requirements are met.

Rebuilding a river embankment in Derbyshire

Rebuilding a river embankment in Derbyshire

High river levels have led to an embankment on the River Derwent becoming dangerous – requiring a section to be rebuilt to reduce the risk of flooding. We are providing an experienced project manager working with the Environment Agency team to oversee the design and delivery of this vital scheme.

It’s a two-stage project – the first phase involves design work to urgently bring the embankment back to the required condition, and the second phase is part of the ongoing work with Derbyshire County Council to reduce flood risk across the range of the council’s river and highways assets.

Management team

Management team

Our leadership team drive the development of our business and propel us towards the future. Click here to meet our managers.



We are looking for talented individuals who want a career that is both challenging and fulfils their ambitions. From those just starting their careers, to senior professionals, from a broad range of engineering and construction backgrounds.

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