Social value

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We live and breathe our values, and are serious about leaving a legacy in the communities within which we work.

We empower our colleagues by giving them the time to get involved with projects that are important to them – whether it’s helping to restore a community woodland, painting a fence at their local school, or harnessing their specialist skills to manage traffic at a charity event.

We believe people should enjoy coming to work, and are passionate about building a strong sense of community within all of our teams. Our people are based across the country, from the south of England to the north of Scotland, seamlessly joining their client’s project team – but it’s important that they feel part of the Waterman Aspen community too.

That’s why we arrange regular social events and family days to bring people together – Waterman Aspen is for everyone.

We are also committed to supporting a range of charities, and regularly ask people to suggest causes important to them which we can all support together.

Waterman Aspen in the community

Waterman Aspen in the community

With a team of hundreds of engineers, designers and project managers, armed with a huge range of technical skills, we know we can really make a positive difference to our communities.

Charity fundraising

Charity fundraising

We are proud to support a range of charitable causes that we’re passionate about, raising thousands of pounds over the years.