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Mark Emberton
Mark Emberton – Managing Director
Donnie Matheson
Donnie Matheson – Director
John Frayne
John Frayne – Director
Chris Young – Director
Andrew Bruce
Andrew Bruce – Director
Andrew Woodliffe
Andrew Woodliffe – Director

Senior Management Team

Linda McGregor – Divisional Director
Ruth Devenney
Ruth Devenney – HR Director
Trevor Sadowski
Trevor Sadowski – Finance Director
Danny Green
Danny Green – Divisional Director
Tanweer Araf
Tanweer Araf – Divisional Director
Simon Wanklyn – Divisional Director

Regional Directors

Paul Bradford
Paul Bradford – Business Support Director
Vince Mandeir – Projects Director
Neil Soloman – Regional Director, Yorkshire & Humber
Teresa Hylton
Teresa Hylton – Regional Director, East Midlands
Paul Barclay
Paul Barclay – Recruitment Director
Vincent Valario
Vincent Valario – Regional Director, London North
Lee Baldry
Lee Baldry – Regional Director, Central
Tim Kershaw
Tim Kershaw – Associate Director, Scotland
Shirley Reynolds – Associate Director, West Midlands
Mohammed Sarfraz – Associate Director, West Midlands
Rajpreet Singh Mander – Associate Director, West Midlands
Adam Coulthard – Associate Director, West Midlands
COVID-19 Update

Waterman Aspen continues to monitor and update its response to the constantly changing situation facing the country and the consultancy and construction industry.

We hope you are all well and safe and should you have any questions or would simply like to talk please do get in touch.