Supporting Armed Forces careers – Duot’s story

Duot standing at Mount Olympus view point

As part of the Armed Forces Covenant, Waterman Aspen provides ex-military employees with recognition of their skills and experiences, flexible working conditions, support networks, training and career development opportunities, awareness of armed forces issues, additional leave for reservists, and a dedicated working group for further support.

Duot Ajang is a Project Manager who is currently seconded to Portsmouth City Council and a reservist in the Armed Forces. Read his story below about balancing his career in the army and pursuing his passion for Project Management.

As a reserve soldier in 510 Specialist Team Royal Engineers (STRE), our 2023 Overseas Annual Training Exercise deployed us to RAF Akrotiri, Cyprus on Ex VOLATUS PLUS 23. It involved providing engineering design, project management, and infrastructure consultancy support to British Forces Cyprus (BFC) and the Department for Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) within RAF Akrotiri. Our team adhered to aviation safety standards like EASA and ICAO, using technology such as MOD-approved drones, RPAS linked to Regulatory Articles, photogrammetry with LIDAR, and precision scanners like the Leica BLK360. 

During the exercise, we also enjoyed cultural visits, like a coastal boat tour, and adventurous training like kayaking. A highlight for me was reaching Mount Olympus Peak in the Troodos Mountains – the highest point in Cyprus. However, the long days and early starts proved both rewarding and challenging. 

My military career has been supported by Waterman Aspen. Initially concerned about limited support, I raised this with Aislinn Fraser, the Armed Forces Champion for Waterman Aspen, also my line manager. She assured me of Waterman Aspen’s ambition to obtain a Gold Armed Forces Covenant membership award and ensured paid leave for my deployments. Additionally, I’ve been invited to a working group to promote the Armed Forces, showcasing Waterman Aspen’s alignment with Armed Forces Covenant values. 

Choosing to join the Armed Forces as a reservist after university allowed me to balance both military and civilian careers. The Royal Engineers have enabled me to enhance my existing skills while pursuing my career goals. Plus, my interests in travel, fitnes, and adventurous sports align with the structured environment the Royal Engineers offer.


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