Russell Cramb National Cycle Network Clearance Work

Scotland Area Manager Russell Cramb recently used his Waterman Aspen in the Community Day to clear parts of the National Cycle Network Route 1 near his home. Russell commented that this was “incredibly hard physical work, but very satisfying”.

Russell cleared a stretch over 130 metres long, consisting of removing nettles and brambles, clearing the debris that washes down from the A7 trunk road, siding out the edges of the path that have become overgrown and cutting back overhanging branches that were sweeping the path!

You can see the edges of the path now and the visibility up and down the hill is now a lot better. The hard work paid off and to prove it, a cyclist went past as Russell had just finished clearing, using the correct side of the bollard where it wasn’t possible to pass there before.

Russell says he now has arms like Popeye and he definitely slept well that night! Many thanks Russell for your hard work, it is much appreciated.


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