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We truly believe that our specialist secondment services offer the best of both worlds, providing both high quality and value-for-money solutions.  What makes us unique is that we employ the majority of our staff on a salaried basis and they benefit through our commitment to their ongoing training and professional development.

Our Water Sector is growing rapidly in terms of the overall team size and our client base and has become an essential component of Waterman Aspen. We support our clients to cover peaks in their workload and fill gaps when they need specialist expertise.

We offer support to our clients in the public and private sectors, offering a unique way to deliver projects and schemes in a collaborative way helping to leave a long lasting legacy. Our extensive client base includes the Environment Agency, Natural Resources Wales, Lead Local Flood Authorities, Utility Companies and a range of civil engineering and environmental consultancies.

Working for these clients and others, our water team provide a wide range of secondment services:

  • Flood Risk Management.
  • Water Infrastructure.
  • Water Project and Programme Management.
  • Water Environment.
  • Coastal Management.
  • Training.

The support our water team provides is varied and tailored to suit the needs of each individual client.  We are able to provide invaluable support to our clients at all stages of project and scheme lifecycles from the review and audit of planning documents through to site supervision and management of the delivery of major water schemes.

Below are recent examples of projects and services that our water team have helped deliver.

Management Team

Our Water Management Team lead and drive the development of our business whilst also working on secondment in the Water sector. By being fully integrated in both the industry and professional chartered institutions we ensure high quality training and mentoring for our staff and deliver professional excellence in the services that we offer to our clients.

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Click on the headings below to learn more about the services that we offer:

Flood Risk Management
Water Infrastructure
Water Project and Programme Management
Water Environment
Coastal Management

HS2 – Flood Risk Technical Specialist
LLFA Support Services
Warwickshire CC – FCERM Support
RHDHV – Project Co-ordinator

Our Clients & Partners