Staff Profile – Tapan Bhatt

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Tapan Bhatt – Area Manager & Assistant Project Manager

What made you join WA? I was always seeking a dynamic company to work for, and that’s when I came across Waterman Aspen. I was inspired by the model of working that gives freedom to develop career at your own pace. Waterman Aspen gave me the freedom to explore my skills within the engineering field by providing various opportunities of secondments aiding my career.  

Have you been involved in education or training? I have been involved with a few training activities with the South West Team. One of which I am proud of is the area manager training and being promoted to area manager. Also I am actively encouraged and supported to gain my Incorporated Engineer status with the Institution of Civil Engineer.

What secondments have been most interesting and why My most interesting secondment was working as a Assistant Project Manager for the Clean Air Zone for Birmingham City Council. It was interesting because it was the first time I had worked outside of Wales. Along with that it challenged my skills every day and allowed me to learn new and key skills required to manage a project.  

What are the best aspects of working for WA? The best aspect for me about Waterman Aspen is that I can use not only my skills as a professional but also my recreational passions such as film making and photography. This is recognised and encouraged to be used in various engineering projects.  

Why would you recommend working for WA? The career progression and staff members are very helpful in finding your feet when not knowing where exactly you fit within the industry. Opportunities are always present to expand your career and expand upon your skills.  

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