Staff Profile – Sam Wright

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Sam Wright – Area Manager & Senior Transport Engineer

What made you join WA? When you hear that a company will offer to take you on full time salaried but allow you to travel among many clients on secondment, it almost feels too good to be true. I joined Waterman Aspen as I saw the potential this company could offer me in terms of development and adventure. Too often, it’s easy to stay comfortable and not explore the many different aspects of Civil Engineering, Waterman’s business model not only encourages its staff to challenge themselves in a plethora of different roles, it provides all the tools required to do so.

Have you been involved in education or training? I have been very privileged to be in a position whereby I am trusted to provide guidance and support for emerging Area Managers within the region. One of the hardest aspects of the Job is managing time in secondment with management duties. I have created guidance and held one-to-one sessions with other managers to help supplement their working practises. For me personally, Waterman Aspen sponsored my Master’s Degree, a key target of mine required to achieve CEng status in the near future.

What Secondments have been most interesting and why? I have been placed with Swindon Borough Council for over half a decade; during my time there, I have been involved with many different departments including Traffic Management, Transport Planning and Transport Development Management. The range of schemes I have worked on have not only contributed to my personal development, but also left me with an overwhelming sense of achievement, as I am local to the area. Being able to use and point out my work to family and friends creates feeling of personal investment in my work, which is great for motivation!

What are the best aspects of working for WA? The People. It does not need much more elaboration than that. Working for a company where even the Managing Director knows you by name creates a supporting, family feel. Everyone encourages you to be your best and looks after you to make sure you are developing in the way you want. I have made many lifelong friends at Waterman Aspen, and the Christmas Parties are a blast.

Why would you recommend working for WA? People want to develop, people want to gain new experiences, but people also rely on comfort and job security. Waterman Aspen scratches the itch to move about, but keeps you secure under a single united enterprise. I honestly do not know of any other company that can offer what WA does, and once you are in, the sky is the limit.

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