Staff Profile – Nathanieal Brettle

Staff Profile – Nathanieal Brettle 2019-07-23T15:28:18+01:00

Nathanieal Brettle – Engineer

Nathanieal BrettleWhat made you join WA? I joined Waterman Aspen because of the support they have given me to be able achieve my goals within my career, the company presents the ability to gain experience in a lot of different sectors within a variety of companies/clients. This has allowed me to set goals and a pathway to completing these goals with the full support of the company.

Have you been involved in education or training? Currently I am progressing with my second-year bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering at Teesside university, Waterman Aspen did not only sponsor me for this qualification, but they have also provided me with their full support with any challenges I face along the way to achieving my qualification.

What secondments have been the most interesting and why? Since joining Waterman Aspen in September, I have been seconded into Gateshead Council. My role has been to manage the network for the Central & Eastern parts of Gateshead, this included dealing/meeting with member of the public, local & national companies who require work to be carried out on the network both planned & emergency and liaising with local councillors. This has given me the opportunity to be able to develop my role as an engineer as I have been able to manage and delegate work/schemes within the Network team, also providing help and support for junior members of staff, developing them further within their roles.

What are the best aspects of working for WA? The best aspect of working for Waterman Aspen is you are encouraged to progress. There is no glass ceiling with the company, the more you put in to your development, the more the company will support you to achieve your goals.

I have a brilliant relationship with my manager who always has my best interest in mind, from sitting with me and setting goals for my future to making sure I’m settled within my secondment, both him and the directors who are part of the North East team at Watermen Aspen have made sure from the day I started that I am feel part of the team and that I am fully supported with anything I need advice or help on.

Why would you recommend working for WA? I would recommend working for Waterman Aspen to anyone looking to be part of a Team, a Team that supports you and helps you develop into the professional you want to be.

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