Staff Profile – Murtaza Azhar

Staff Profile – Murtaza Azhar 2020-07-13T12:38:35+01:00

Murtaza Azhar – Area Manager North West

What made you join WA? The things that made me want to join WA are the prospect of being able to choose which projects and company I can work for. The potential of promotion and going up the ladder. The ability to work as a technical engineer and well as in a management capacity.

Have you been involved in education or training? I have been involved with some CPD and training courses related to WA/management procedures.

What secondments have been most interesting and why? I have only been on one secondment, which I have enjoyed. It’s a good team to work for and I get to work on some decent design and assessment schemes. I get to keep learning and expanding my knowledge as a bridge engineer in this role. Plus it’s not too far from home so that’s always a bonus.

What are the best aspects of working for WA?  For me the best aspects of working for WA is that the company takes care of it’s employees. From little things like a birthday message to the Xmas do, they all make it an enjoyable company to work for.

Why would you recommend working for WA? I would recommend WA for a few reasons – the prospect of working for multiple big name firms being on your CV, the potential for promotion, the ability to grow as an individual and professionally is facilitated by the company, all staff have access to those up the ladder and generally we all have a ethos of working collectively and to each others benefit.

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