Staff Profile – Ana Cantera

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Ana Cantera – Area Manager & Assistant Project Manager (Major Projects – Highways)

Ana CanteraWhat made you join WA? After 6 years at the same company, I noticed I was doing the same role for too long without new opportunities and progression …. My entire professional development was on hold and my motivation was nearly lost. Although I used to enjoy that role, I was looking to accept a bigger challenge and move into a position that allows me more space to develop professionally. Then, I found this company Waterman Aspen and its model of working. Waterman Aspen offer huge variety of opportunities to help with your professional development over time through a variation in secondments which means you are always learning and well-motivated.

Have you been involved with education and training? I have been offered the training to achieve NEC4 site supervisor accreditation which will help me to back my current site supervision experience and allow me new exciting opportunities to learn and work closely to the NEC4 Project Manager on site. As part of that, I have already received a wider professional training to educate me as Area Manager for the South-west region. To conclude, I am strongly supported by my Regional Director to sign off the attributes to gain the Chartered Engineer status with the Institution of Civil Engineer through the training agreement.

What secondments have been most interesting and why? Since I started in March 2020, I am still working on the same secondment as Assistant Project Manager of Major Projects for Atkins in Gloucester. I enjoy this role because it is the first opportunity to be part of the project management team in which I am learning a lot. Mainly, I assist Project Managers in the planning and coordination of projects, take on administrative duties, and independently manage some project elements.

What are the best aspects of working for WA? As I mentioned before, the best aspects of working for WA are the flexibility to lead your own professional development and the feeling of a big family. They really care about their employees.

Why would you recommend working for WA? I would recommend this company to everybody who wants a variety of challenges, clients and roles where you can meet other engineers and work on different projects to enhance your current skills and learn new ones, never getting bored. On the other hand, if you enjoy doing the same every day with no further responsibilities and being place in the same office with no interest in progression …. maybe this is not for you.

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