Staff Profile – Akash Koria

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Akash Koria – Flood Risk Planner

What made you join WA? After being furloughed and placed at risk of redundancy due to COVID-19 at my previous company, I came across Waterman Aspen on LinkedIn and found their business model to be very unique and a stepping stone to advancing my career and professional development within Civil Engineering.

What secondments have been most interesting and why? I am currently on my first secondment at Staffordshire County Council (SCC) as a Flood Risk Planner as part of the Local Lead Flood Authority (LLFA). My role as a Flood Risk Planner involves assessing various types of planning applications in relation to Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS). My Civil Engineering background and experience has primarily come from design consultancies in various industries such as oil & gas and infrastructure, environment & sustainability, however, the work I am contributing towards at Staffordshire County Council is effectively the “other side of the coin”. It’s very interesting to see how SuDS are incorporated from a local authority point of view and what different consultancies submit as part of their planning applications. My colleagues at Staffordshire County Council are all highly approachable, supportive and willing to impart their experience to assist me with planning applications.

What are the best aspects of working for WA? I love the flexibility and work/life balance that Waterman Aspen has given me. When a secondment finishes, I have the flexibility to choose who I would like to work for and where instead of changing employer. Waterman Aspen provide various types of work depending on your experience and career ambitions, a competitive salary, great benefits such as a company car/ car allowance, permanent health insurance, life assurance and fun social events. The employees and managers have a very professional approach and provide clients with a professional service. The managers are very approachable and give support when required.

Why would you recommend working for WA? I would recommend Waterman Aspen to anyone looking for work as they keep your best interests at heart and ensure you are enjoying your secondment as well as supporting you with your professional development and any training courses that may interest you.

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