Waterman Aspen introduces Apprentice forum

Waterman Aspen introduces Apprentice forum

Antony Clewes

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new Apprentice Forum, thanks to the help of Antony Clewes and Simon Hassan. Antony is an Area Manager who has completed an apprenticeship at Waterman Aspen and has continued to develop his career with us, while Simon heads up our training and development initiatives as our National Training Manager.

In Antony’s own words, here’s how the idea of an Apprentice Forum came about:

“The Apprentice Forum was set up to allow Apprentices from across the company to not only network, but to learn about aspects of Civil Engineering which they may not have had exposure to yet at such an early stage in their career. The forum also acts as a platform for Apprentices to give their own presentations on topics of their choosing – developing their presentation skills in preparation for their End Point Assessment (EPA).

The idea for the forum came from my own EPA, where I was asked about Road Safety Audits (RSAs). I couldn’t answer the question as I only had minimal exposure in the past, but I did tell the reviewers that I would add it to my planned CPD and find out the answer. I then approached other people within Waterman Aspen who had conducted RSAs to develop my learning. After asking a handful of Apprentices if they had exposure to RSAs and getting a resounding “No”, I approached the Board of Directors with the idea to start the Apprentice forum. I also approached Waterman Aspen colleagues to put together a number of presentations and Q&A sessions.

So far, we have held two forums, with the third planned for April this year. It is open to Apprentices across all sectors and regions of Waterman Aspen, with both internal and external presenters discussing topics that are not only relevant to the completion of their knowledge, skills and behaviours, but also to develop the Apprentices’ knowledge base on key industry topics. Some of the topics covered so far include Road Safety Audits (bet you saw that one coming), Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI), Falsework and Formwork 101, and Active Travel.”

There’s always a lot going on at Waterman Aspen – from project updates to volunteering. You can catch-up here:


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