Waterman Aspen in the Community – Making a bed for wildlife

Waterman Aspen In The Community – Making A Bed For Wildlife

Well done to Rhys Hamilton, Graeme Barella, Andy Brown, Darcie Coombs and Tomas Tubelskis for taking part in an exciting opportunity to volunteer for the charity Seascapes, in partnership with the Durham Wildlife Trust. 

They were tasked with creating a bed for wildlife, so that trees could be planted into the raised beds until they were mature enough to be planted into the farmland for wildlife regeneration. 

One can only imagine the ranger’s excitement thinking a team of handy engineers were to arrive to make a bed for wildlife. Unfortunately, what turned up were design engineers, much to their dismay.

All in all, they made a massive planter in just over two hours (2 hours 19 minutes, to be exact), putting their practical noggins to good use in order to get a small production line going. This beat the previous makers by a whopping six hours – not that they were counting.

Mark, a ranger at the Wildlife Trust, talked us through all the amazing work they were doing and their plans for the future. Their work has already prevented the extinction of the Durham Argus, one of the rarest butterfly species in the world. They endeavour to promote wildlife regeneration and offset carbon through planting saplings with the aim of reforesting landscapes. The trust also helps support the local community through volunteering and land sharing opportunities to promote sustainable living.

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