Secondment Spotlight – Josh Garbutt

Civil design engineer project

Josh Garbutt, a Civil Design Engineer, has been at his secondment for just 10 months at Sapphire Utility Solutions but has made a huge impact in that time. Find out what he’s been working on and what he thinks the biggest benefits are to working on secondment.

“I have been involved in various wastewater infrastructure schemes, varying in complexity and cost for Sapphire Utility Solutions. I have been able to find solutions for schemes relating to flooding, pipeline diversions and CSO storm spillages using engineering techniques such as surface water separation, SUDS designs and installations of new rising mains. The biggest challenge has been the sheer complexity of the schemes, making sure they are sustainable, cost-efficient and achievable from a buildability perspective. I have had to balance different criterion during the project life cycle and ensure Yorkshire Water proposals are met with approved designs, calculations and HSEQ documentation.

Strong organisation is key for my role. I am effectively planning and executing projects, collaborating with CAD technicians, senior engineers, site agents and the clients. Another skill is communication – having excellent communication keeps everyone informed and ensures crucial decisions can be made.

Working in a smaller team has allowed me to flourish in civil engineering. Previously, my confidence was low and often I was unsure of my role in the industry. The best part about working for Waterman Aspen is the care and detail to one’s development. As they act as a parent company, they can focus on you as a person and personalise plans to suit you. The larger team network also gives me reassurance that, if I am stuck within my secondment, I can call upon hundreds of professional people with an array of skills and talents.”


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