Introducing our Menopause Policy

Ruth Devenney, HR Director at Waterman Aspen

“Menopause may be a natural phase in a woman’s life, but it can have a significant impact on their professional and personal life. Family and friends can also be affected as they try to understand what’s happening and support their loved one. We are pleased to announce the implementation of our Menopause Policy, which strengthens our commitment to support colleagues through difficult times.”

Ruth Devenney – HR Director

We are pleased to announce that we have launched a Menopause Policy for all of our salaried colleagues and hourly paid workers.

The aim of this policy is to understand and support colleagues through all factors relating to menopause, and to create an environment in which all our colleagues feel informed about menopause and are comfortable and confident talking about its impact.

Today we held an educational and engaging webinar for all our colleagues to help them understand:

  • What menopause is, how to recognise the symptoms and how someone may be affected by menopause
  • The options available to manage symptoms and long-term health
  • What support is available and how to access it, both at work and outside work

Thank you to everyone who attended this session and especially to Henpicked who specialise in discussing menopause in the workplace and facilitated today’s webinar.

Click here to view our new policy.


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