Enhanced By Engineering – Shirley Reynolds

Shirley Reynolds - Regional Director, West Midlands

The theme for this year’s International Women in Engineering Day is #EnhancedByEngineering, which celebrates the amazing impact that women engineers have made, both throughout history and those today who are building a brighter future.

In our first spotlight of the week, meet Shirley Reynolds, who has had an impressive career in Traffic Engineering and supports women, early careers, and STEM returners at every opportunity:

“My career in engineering started in academia in the 1990’s where my ground-breaking research into the links between air pollution and traffic led to enhancements in roadside monitoring linked with traffic signal control. I am proud that this work helped me achieve a doctorate. It paved the way for further research and strategies to benefit communities and urban places affected by poor air quality. This work made me very aware of the impact of traffic on members of the public and businesses, so I moved into local government to play my part in improving urban and rural areas through good traffic management, road safety and network management. 

Throughout my career, I have sought to support and develop those around me and will challenge the status quo to ensure fairness and inclusion at all levels. I am a supporter of International Women’s Day and Women in Engineering and am involved in the Waterman Aspen Women’s Network; recognising that it is my turn to act as role model in the same way that influential women during my career were role models for me. I believe that anyone coming back to work after a period of extended leave should be nurtured and new parents deserve any extra support.

Outside of work, I am proud to volunteer with The Scouts and now lead a group in Hampshire where over 70 young people are gaining essential skills for life.”

Newspaper clipping of an all-female team of traffic engineers

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