Enhanced By Engineering – Jade Knill

Jade Knill

The theme for this year’s International Women in Engineering Day is #EnhancedByEngineering, which celebrates the amazing impact that women engineers have made, both throughout history and those today who are building a brighter future.

In our second spotlight, meet Jade Knill, an accredited NEC4 Site Supervisor whose main passions lie with sustainability and advocating for female engineers:

“Throughout my career, I have strived to integrate sustainability principles into every aspect of my work. As an engineer, I recognise the profound impact our projects can have on the environment and future generations, and I have made it a priority to champion sustainable practices. Within my role as an NEC Supervisor, I ensure the contractors clean and re-purpose materials such as kerbs, hand railings and signs when possible. Waste management is also crucial and I always encourage any changes I see necessary to improve the way materials are being recycled on site.

Under the SEWH Frameworks, I have helped to improve cycle paths, a variety of historical structures, landslide stabilisation works, and installed services for solar farms. I have also supported various retaining wall replacements, taking down walls and reusing the sandstone or limestone when rebuilding the retaining walls.

Recognising the underrepresentation of women in STEM fields, it’s important to create a more inclusive and supportive environment for female engineers. As a mentor and role model, I provide guidance and support to aspiring women engineers, helping them navigate the challenges and barriers they may face in a male-dominated industry. Within the local community, I encourage women to start their civil engineering journey by sharing my 10 years of experience, whilst also supporting future civil engineers with their NEC4 accreditation.”


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