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In the late 1980s the construction industry in the South East of England was buoyant, it was the time of the Channel Tunnel. Local Authorities were seconding staff to address workload peaks. Aspen was formed in 1988, employing Engineering staff to service Clients’ staffing needs through secondment.

Business prospered, month by month the staff secondment concept was being introduced to a broad range of new Clients further and further afield.

The Aspen name became increasingly familiar throughout the industry. We differentiated ourselves from temporary resource suppliers, as we still do today, by seconding salaried staff as opposed to purely contract workers.

In 2001 Aspen was acquired by Waterman Group, our secondment operation becoming Waterman Aspen. By this time our services were being used by Clients across England, Scotland and Wales.

Growth continued. In 2017 Waterman Group was taken over by the Japanese Engineering Consultancy CTI Engineering Co Ltd.

Our secondment services are still badged as Waterman Aspen to this day, the excellent quality of our staff and our value-for-money solutions still being our trademark.

COVID-19 Update

Waterman Aspen continues to monitor and update its response to the constantly changing situation facing the country and the consultancy and construction industry.

We hope you are all well and safe and should you have any questions or would simply like to talk please do get in touch.