Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility 2021-03-31T23:45:52+01:00
Mark Emberton

“In addition to delivering a first-class service, providing other benefits to our clients’ stakeholders, their environment and the wider community is important to us. We offer all our staff one day each year to undertake voluntary or charitable work, often linked to the interests of their secondment client.”

Mark Emberton, Managing Director, Waterman Aspen

In today’s socially conscious environment, employees and customers place a premium on working for and spending their money with businesses that prioritise corporate social responsibility (CSR).

CSR is a term that has come to mean whatever a company does to give back to the community in which it has a presence. Sometimes this involves volunteering or sponsorships but can also be our commitment to a charity or some laudable effort or cause.

We offer all our salaried staff one day each year to undertake voluntary or charitable work for their secondment client or community in company time. Click here to view our CSR Policy.

Projects can be

  • Environmental Activities – restoration of woodlands, trail paths, rivers, canals…
  • Social Activities – refurbish property’s, paint a building, assist at a homeless shelter, litter picking…
  • Specialist Activities – which take advantage of the technical expertise of our staff, for example designing signs for an event…

All over the UK there have been thriving projects and enthusiastic Waterman staff at the helm assisting in interesting projects creating a better environment and helping the wider community.

Here are some of the activities below.

Be My Eyes Blind and Low Vision Volunteer Work
Canal & River Trust Plastics Challenge
Kingsbury Water Park Playground Repair Work
Boldon School River Tyne Bridge Design Project
Providing AutoCAD Training to Council Staff
Social Value 2020: People, Place and Planet Conference
World Heritage Site Painting
Volunteering for NHS
Painting School Fence
Creating temporary Accommodation for the Homeless
East Mids Plastics Pick Up