Stephanie Upton-Roddy

Area Manager – Water & Environment West and Environment, Carbon & Consents Consultant

Name and role.

Steph Upton-Roddy, Area Manager – Water and Environment West/Environment, Carbon and Consents consultant at Systra

When did you join Waterman Aspen?

30th March 2022

What does a typical day look like in your role or secondment?

Everyday is different at the moment as I’ve only just started my secondment role! My main role at Systra is supporting the consents team with producing the Schedule 17 packs that are sent to the local planning authorities to get consent for the proposed designs for all the HS2 assets. I’m also going to be involved with producing carbon assessments for HS2 along with various other bits of carbon related work. In between all that, as part of my waterman role, I am looking for new people for the water and environment team, helping place them with our clients and checking in to see how my team are doing in their secondments.

What’s the best thing about working for Waterman Aspen?

Having a support network outside of the people you engage with day to day in your secondment and of course the socials!

What would you say to someone interested in a career in your role?

Definitely get involved! The focus on environmental and social impacts of businesses is constantly growing and its applicable to all sectors which means your skills are very transferable!

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