Rachel Davine

Associate Director – Human Resources

Rachel Davine - Associate Director – Human Resources

When did you join Waterman Aspen?

I originally only joined WA on a temporary basis. That was back in 2018. I decided to become a permanent member of the HR team within a few months because I loved the ethos of the company, my colleagues and the role. In February 2020, I took a more active role in compliance as I began to manage the administrative aspect of IR35. As the HR Compliance function grew, I took on the role of HR & Compliance Manager. Being given the autonomy to manage my own area of HR was something that I really enjoyed. In October 2021, I became Associate Director of Human Resources. This has been another exciting new challenge as I have begun to support our HR Director in the strategic development of the HR function, as well as having a more active role in the management of the whole HR team and overseeing multiple HR projects. We have a fantastic HR team at WA and I am so proud to be a part of it.

What training or education have you received at Waterman Aspen?

In 2020, I completed my Level 5 CIPD Diploma in HR Management which has been invaluable as I have developed within my role. WA are always keen to provide continuous professional development opportunities and undertaking regular Personal Progression Reviews enables to me identify my training and development needs, and seek support in meeting them. As a result, I have been able to attend conferences, training events and access online learning. As I am a salaried member of staff, WA reimburses the cost of one professional institution subscription per year to a maximum of £400. I am an Associate Member of the CIPD, so I use this to renew my yearly membership, which gives me access to a wealth of resources for my continued professional development.

What’s the best thing about working for Waterman Aspen?

Despite being a large company, WA has managed to maintain a family culture where the people are at the heart of everything they do. The Senior Leadership Team are down to earth and approachable, and that ethos runs through the whole organisation. WA is a lovely place to work. The company invests in its people and makes staff wellbeing a priority.

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