South Heywood Link Road

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Project Description

Stuart Farnell, Waterman Aspen North West is working on a designer’s dream role – design and construction of a new Link road from Jnct 19 of the M62, South Heywood Link Road Project. This is the first new road to be commissioned in over 8 years. The construction works are due to commence late 2018/early 2019 and the construction period is expected to be approx. 2.5 years. Stuart has been in discussion about potentially being able to follow through the whole life cycle of the project and manage the site works (CRE) seeing the project through from start to finish. Stuart is seconded to Rochdale Borough Council (via Atkins). Stuart tells us a little bit about the project.

The scheme is located in the Borough of Rochdale (approx. 12km north east of Manchester) and involves the proposed construction of a new link road, subject to planning approval being granted, from the Junction 19 Roundabout of the M62 motorway to Pilsworth Road, approximately 2.5km. The works include a major upgrade to the Pilsworth Road/Hareshill Road junction and widening of part of the existing Pilsworth Road. The project also includes the widening of the M62 Junction 19 east bound off slip road and carriageway widening to the existing Manchester Road and Hareshill Road carriageways.  The new link road will include full traffic signalisation to the existing Junction 19 roundabout and the re-aligned existing Hareshill Road/Pilsworth Road junction and the creation of a new fully signalised junction where the new link road crosses Manchester Road and these will all incorporate both pedestrian and cycle controlled facilities. The scheme will also involve the planning or excavation of existing surfacing, excavation for new carriageway construction and drainage, new kerbing, carriageway and footway surfacing, new street lighting, traffic signals with associated draw chambers and ducting and new direction signing.

Additionally, proposals include the construction of a new surface water drainage system, the construction of a new ditch/culvert to divert an existing water course (Whittle Brook) and an on-line sewer replacement to the southern end of Manchester Road. The drainage outfalls to an existing pond to the west of Siddal Moor Farm via provision of a new ditch adjacent to Pilsworth Road. A collapsed culvert at the junction of Hareshill Road/Pilsworth Road will be replaced. Other work will see the construction of a filter drainage system that runs separate to the main surface water carrier drain.

As a large volume of material will be excavated on site, the opportunity will be explored to assess its suitability to be re-used as acceptable fill material as topsoil or fill to embankments. This may involve the processing of unacceptable excavated material on site, to render it to be re-classified into acceptable fill. This concept will be developed when final earthworks volumes are available.

Diversion to statutory undertaker’s plant will be programmed to be undertaken both in advance of and during construction of the main works and will include the diversion of a high-pressure gas main located approximately 100m east of the Manchester Road/new link road junction.

COVID-19 Update

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