Friargate Bridge Coventry

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Project Description

THE £15m Friargate Bridge Coventry scheme was delivered by a combined team from Coventry City Council (CCC), Atkins Waterman and Costain to replace the outdated and unappealing Junction 6 Ring Road Gyratory with a new green link from Coventry Station to the City Centre. The focal point of the project is a complex 100m wide green bridge with new highway, pedestrian boulevard and central landscaped area.

Working in collaboration, the team completed the design and construction of the project with a highly compressed timescale in less than two years. The scheme has delivered huge benefits to Coventry, creating a new, pleasant and vibrant route for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists and extending the historic Greyfriars Green from a peripheral space into a key part of the green routes back onto the original alignment of Warwick Road.

The short timescales created huge logistical challenges for the team, however by working effectively together, the essential project funding deadlines were met. A co-located team was formed at the outset of the project: collaborative workshops were held to ensure all parties worked together and understood the project drivers and blockers, with a lean programme developed which was reviewed at weekly progress and daily lean meetings.

The project won the ICE Team Achievement Award 2016.

Our role on the Friargate Coventry Project

The project was managed by a Waterman Aspen Team of staff working on behalf of Coventry City Council in collaboration with Costain, Principal Contractor and Atkins, Designer.

COVID-19 Update

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