Acocks Green Highway Scheme

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Project Description

West Midlands Area Manager Tanweer Araf has been project managing the £2m Local Sustainable Transport Fund (LSTF) Acocks Green Highway Scheme since April 2015.

Acocks Green Highway Scheme Environmental Improvements

The scheme recently won the CIHT Award for Best Small Highways and Transportation project at the West Midlands CIHT Awards Evening on the 7th April.

Birmingham had aims to cut emission and create local growth in the city. The measures which have been put in place in Acocks Green Local Centre have promoted and encouraged use of sustainable travel modes and regenerated the area.

An alternative landscaping scheme comprising of new trees with structural shrubs in large containers and small planter boxes with flowers was implemented. This was then put forward as an entry towards the Britain in Bloom competition.

Sustainable Transport obectives on Acocks Green Highway Scheme

Widened footways enabled the introduction of shared use footway/cycleways and provision of cycle stands in the local centre. The reduction of speed limit from 30mph to 20mph encouraged cycling on the carriageway and improved safety.

Walking and public transport measures implemented included providing pedestrian crossings creating an open environment more attractive to pedestrians, bus-stops located to more convenient locations increasing reliability, reduction in traffic lanes from 4 to 2 enabling significant footway widening and creation of inset parking bays. To maximise accessibility and manage future maintenance costs, street clutter was reduced. Tactile paving and dropped kerbs at side roads improved accessibility and safety for pedestrians. High quality paving, street furniture, new street lighting and landscaping provided aesthetic enhancements to the local area to make it more appealing for the whole community. Local people now have a wider choice about the mode of travel that best suits them. In addition the investment is expected to boost employment opportunities and deliver sustainable economic growth both locally and regionally.

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