Road Safety Week

Road Safety Week

Road Safety Week provides an opportunity to raise awareness of the huge numbers of casualties that occur on our roads every single day and to highlight the actions that we all can take to make our roads as safe as possible. Tools such as Road Safety Audits play an important role in improving road user safety.

Road Safety Auditing is often subjective in terms of determining when something is a problem or not, which involves auditors drawing upon their training and experience to help guide them in their decision making process.

In the example picture above, is this new road layout a potential road safety issue? And if so, what are the possible collision types that could occur?

At Waterman Aspen, we aren’t just about providing an industry-leading secondment service to our clients, we have facilitated nearly 3,000 Road Safety Audits successfully in the last 15 years. Our substantial Road Safety Audit Team based throughout the UK are out and about daily undertaking audits throughout the country, dedicated to ensuring that new highway schemes are as safe as possible.

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