Tim Kershaw volunteers with the the Glentress Trialfaries for the day

Tim Kershaw volunteers with the the Glentress Trialfaries for the day

At the weekend, Associate Director Tim Kershaw volunteered in his local community with the Glentress Trailfaries, a volunteer trail building group who help maintain the mountain bike trails and build new ones at Glentress and Innerleithen.

Tim is a keen cyclist and living local to the Tweed Valley regularly rides his mountain bike on the trails as Glentress Forest near Pebbles. The trails at Glentress are managed by the Glentress Trailfaires, the group is organised by Forestry and Land Scotland and was established in 2002.

Over the last 18 months the group has been very limited to doing any trail maintenance due to COVID-19 restrictions, however during the pandemic the trails were used more by people than ever wanting for their daily outdoor exercise. The group has started running sessions again last month to get the trails back in tip top shape. Tim joined the group for a day with his son Toby, who also rides at Glentress.

The work involved clearing puddles and drainage channels to limit trail erosion during the winter months from the thousands of wheels that ride the trails. All works were done under the watchful eye of the Forestry and Land Scotland Ranger, Andy, who has been building and maintaining trails in the Tweed Valley for 15 years. The weather wasn’t the kindest on the day, but it did provide the opportunity to see if the drainage tweaks worked at first hand.

Great work Tim!

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