Water team volunteers at Wollaton Hall

Water team volunteers at Wollaton Hall

The day started off with a welcome from Karen and Keith who introduced the venue and an overview of the previous volunteer work that had taken place. After this, the group began their activity for the day; painting and restoring benches that have weathered over the years in the park.

There are over 200 benches in the park which have been donated by families and friends in memory of their loved ones. The group sanded down the benches and removed any loose paint before giving them a fresh coat to give them a new lease of life – the oldest bench was from 1982! They completed 7 benches in total, which were then used for an event at the venue. During a tea break the group met several regular visitors who came over to ask questions and find out what we were up to.

After the bench painting, the group got some litter pickers and went around the park grounds and the lake area to collect any litter they could find in the park.

A huge well done to all involved from our Water team, thank you for your hard work!

Hardeep Rai
Amrik Randhawa
Ellie Perry
Louis Sime
Andrew Johnston
Annisa Dryden
Lauryn Birch
Jessica Scarsbrook
James Youle
Hanna Bonham
Vincent Ly

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