Laura Wareing completes litter picking in two locations

Laura Wareing completes litter picking in two locations

Laura Wareing, from our North West region, used her Waterman Aspen In The Community day to complete litter picking in two locations and help clear up the areas she often goes for walks.

On her first day, Laura headed to the Standing Stone Car Park in the Peak District where she collected litter in the car park and along the main road. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t kind so she decided to head back to Macclesfield and collect litter around the local streets. Laura also met with a local litter picking volunteer team to update them on which areas had been cleared.

The second day Laura headed to Castleton to collect litter along another favourite walking spot – Winnats Pass. This pass is a popular route into Castleton and landmark walk to Mam Tor. Laura and her partner managed to collect two full bags of litter, which is a huge success!

Seeing the amount of litter that was discarded, wet wipes in particular, Laura has been encouraged to research into more sustainable options and it looking into swapping to a eco-friendly or handmade option. She also makes her own make-up wipes, which is very impressive and has saved disposable wipes from going to landfill.

A huge thank you and well done to Laura and her partner for doing their bit help the environment!


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