Plastic Free July – top 10 tips from our colleagues

Plastic Free July – top 10 tips from our colleagues

To celebrate Plastic Free July, our colleagues are sharing their top tips on reducing plastic waste. You might be surprised at just how much plastic you can save from landfill with these simple changes!

Our top 10 tips and tricks:

1. Use real butter that is packaged in foil – swap your plastic tub of butter for the foil wrapped version in the supermarket

2. Buy loose fruit and veg – this can help reduce food waste too as you can select exactly how much you need. Buying from a local fruit and veg store is even better!

3. Choose your meat at the counter or butcher – buy from the meat counter or butcher instead of getting everything in plastic trays

4. Go for olive oil in a glass bottle – another great alternative to the plastic products

5. Buy pet food in bulk – this reduces packaging and makes sure your furry family member is fully-stocked for even longer

6. Avoid companies who use plastic packaging for deliveries – we’re certain almost everyone has received an online delivery with lots of unnecessary packaging! Try to reduce your orders from websites that do this, or avoid all together if you can

7. Use refillable household cleaner – again, buying in bulk is even better

8. Purchase a can crusher – this will help you fit more in the recycling bin, and it’s very satisfying too!

9. Plastic free shower and bath products – look into shampoo bars and conditioners which are completely free of packaging. If you use approximately one bottle of each every month, that’s 24 bottles saved from landfill every year!

10. Always ensure you have some reusable straws handy – not a fan of paper straws? Carry a set of bamboo, metal or other plastic straw alternatives with you on trips out

Huge thankyou to our colleagues for sending in their tips. To find out more about Plastic Free July, click here.

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