Waterman Aspen volunteers for Folly Lane Rugby League Club

Waterman Aspen volunteers for Folly Lane Rugby League Club

James Horth and Steve Mack, Waterman Aspen colleagues seconded to Amey Area 10 in the North West used their social value day to support Folly Lane Rugby League Club in Manchester.

Folly Lane Amateur Rugby League Football Club was formed just after the Second World War in 1949 and began playing on a pitch near an old sewage works on Folly Lane in Swinton. They offer rugby league training to children from the age of 6.

The club were after volunteers to help following the Covid 19 crisis because they were finding it difficult to pay for the upkeep of the club.

Throughout the day, the team help with all sorts of tasks including:

  • Drainage repairs
  • Cleaning of the car park
  • Litter removal
  • Painting
  • Removal of previously cut trees and soil that were causing maintenance issues

Fortunately, the weather held out and the rain stayed away for the whole day!

On returning home, Gary Woodward from the rugby club contacted Steve Mack to thank Waterman Aspen for helping the club to provide a safe environment for children to learn rugby safety.

A huge thank you to the team of volunteers who used their social value day to support this fantastic cause!

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