Linda McGregor on how simple it is to Donate to the NSPCC

Linda McGregor on how simple it is to Donate to the NSPCC

The NSPCC charity is one very close to Linda McGregor’s heart.  Today is Childhood Day, so she’s taking the opportunity to highlight how easy it is to donate to help a child in need.

Your donation, however small, WILL make a difference.  Not all children have been brought up in a safe environment, not all children have food on the table.

The NSPCC run Childline, the NSPCC helpline and the “speak out stay safe” programme, as well as research and campaigning for law changes to keep children safe from abuse. Linda has supported the NSPCC all her life, but in the last 15 years has paid in a set amount monthly through direct debit.

With a direct debit it’s part of your monthly outgoings and easy to fit into your budget. You can even claim your HMRC tax allowance for it, actually receiving  20% or 40% back on this depending on your tax band.

The NSPCC rely 90% on donations to fund their activities. YOU can make a difference with a one off donation or regular donation.

Here is a link to the official NSPCC website to donate.

There is also the NSPCC lottery game which gives you the chance to win £1,000 each week for a monthly donation of £4.34.

80p in every £1 the NSPCC spend goes directly to helping children and young people. This includes working with children and families, helplines, schools service and child protection and awareness campaigns.