National Apprenticeship Week – Antony Clewes on the benefits of his Apprenticeship

National Apprenticeship Week – Antony Clewes on the benefits of his Apprenticeship

National Apprenticeship Week is an annual week-long celebration of apprenticeships and is a time to recognise and applaud apprenticeship success stories across the country.

Antony Clewes is on secondment to Telford and Wrekin Council as an apprentice, where he has been instrumental in implementing a BIM compliant document numbering, filing and information control on some of the large Section 278 schemes. He has also drawn up a BIM level 2 compliant QA system for file and document sharing, to enable Project Managers and Designers to control and track who had what information and when, and to what revision and status, enabling them to effectively issue drawings and documents that have been revised. As a result Telford also now has a Technical Working Group that are focusing on implementing BIM across the department and increasing CAD literacy in their respective teams.

Typically, Antony spends his days either working on his secondment or completing off the job training for his final year of his bachelors degree or carrying out structured training. The end purpose of his apprenticeship is to equip him with the knowledge, skills and behaviours necessary for him to complete his end point assessment, part of which is to sit the Incorporated Engineer professional review with the Institution of Civil Engineers.

“During my apprenticeship I have had the opportunity to develop numerous skills, most notably surveying, sign design and project management.  A key skill I have learnt is Transport Planning, namely the use of Aimsun traffic modelling software, which can be used to simulate traffic conditions in a number of scenarios. My confidence in using the software has grown leading me to utilise the software as part of my final year dissertation. “

Antony states that the best part of being an apprentice with Waterman Aspen is that “Waterman Aspen and the client are fully supportive of my development. Waterman Aspen have arranged training and professional development opportunities, with the client allowing me to expand my responsibilities by working on varied projects in a number of roles, be it as the main designer on a project or design coordinator to name a few.”

These opportunities have granted Antony the honour of being awarded the Institute of Highway Engineers Professional Review of the Year 2019 for the EngTech category, and to be awarded Highways Magazine Awards 2020 Apprentice of the Year Highly Commended, for which he was nominated by a member of Telford and Wrekin Council’s municipal projects team.


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