Technical Article Published in Transportation Infrastructure Geotechnology

Technical Article Published in Transportation Infrastructure Geotechnology

Waterman Aspen engineer Jabar Rasul has made a good start to the New Year by having a technical article published in Transportation Infrastructure Geotechnology journal, a publication that provides a state-of-the-science profile of new developments in transportation-related geotechnology from around the world.

The article titled “Effects of Plastic Waste Materials on Geotechnical Properties of Clayey Soil” is about using waste plastic to improve subgrade soil properties of a road pavement and contribution to environmental sustainability.

The laboratory works were done by at the University of Duhok (UoD) in Kurdistan/Iraq. Jabar and his wife Awho works with Amey as a Geotechnical Engineer, wrote the paper and worked on the software and calculations.

Well done to Jabar and his team for having this article published. To read the full article click here.

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