Thanks for 25 years of service and here’s to a long and happy retirement

Thanks for 25 years of service and here’s to a long and happy retirement

Peter Hubbard joined Aspen Associates (as we were called then) in 1994, after being interviewed by Bob Bellm and Mike Mangham and immediately settled into a secondment at LB Bracknell. His design expertise led him to a number of secondments following Bracknell, Bedford Borough, Warwickshire CC, Northamptonshire CC, Atkins and finally Milton Keynes Council, where he has been for the last 11 years.

From an early age Peter showed an aptitude for design, here he is pictured at the age of 14 in a Technical Drawing class. The picture was used in the local paper with the heading “Peter Hubbard, a future Northampton Planner”

Civils design wasn’t Peters first love though, like all young men of the time, Peter wished for a “cooler” career and aspired to be a photographer, but was persuaded to apply for a job at Northants Council with the words “you’ll be set for life at the Council” ringing in his ears. Photography’s loss proved to be Waterman Aspen’s gain.

Peter is hoping to imminently have a family ski holiday, where he can contemplate, which job he can do next from the endless list his wife Julie has produced and keeps adding too.

Thank you so much for your commitment over the last 25 years Peter.  We wish you a very happy and long retirement.

COVID-19 Update

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