Neil Norris – Assistant Engineer

Neil Norris – Assistant Engineer

What does your morning routine look like now? – Morning routine consists of a few trivial actions – 1: Write in my 5 minute journal 2: Do my Bed 3: Coffee, Water and Vitamins 4: Spotify Playlist switch on 5: Do my work list before I start attacking the day (please note not always strict in that order).

Where is your home office? – I do not have a specific home office as there is a few different locations at my parents’. I do this on purpose as personally I feel it keeps my productivity up level up throughout the day.

What’s on the menu for lunch? – My normal Monday to Friday working menu normally involves: Chicken or Fish with steamed vegetables – this includes my black coffee and smoothies. (Nothing too exciting to report on the menu).

What work are you currently involved in? – I am currently involved in Area 10 schemes – Based in Birchwood (Warrington). I am part of the same team with my WA Manager Steve Mack.

Best bit about remote working? – Getting to spend plenty of time with my 11 year old Tri Border Collie Milo. He is loving the fact we are all at home at this difficult time.

Worst bit about remote working? – All the days role into one. My Fridays feel like a Monday ‘but’ I always remind myself that I am in a fortunate position to still be working and realise I am not the only one going through these testing times.

What do you do for your one bit of exercise each day? – I change my exercise on a daily basis due to not make it stale. The three ways I train: HITT for 20-25mins, free weight training for 35 mins or take my road bike out for 25-30 miles.

What is the first place you will go when lockdown is over? – Either visit family in America (NY or San Francisco) or (South Africa or Tenerife) – Golf holiday with a few friends.