Chris Wheeler – Associate Director

Chris Wheeler – Associate Director

What does your morning routine look like now? The same as most thankfully, minus the commute! I’ve definitely stepped up my coffee game since making so many for myself.

Where is your home office? We have three bedrooms and only use two of them – so fortunately I have an actual home office. It’s been great!

What’s on the menu for lunch? Chicken salad, but sometimes tuna mayo on toast

What work are you currently involved in? My focus is on diversification for Waterman Aspen into growing market sectors, such as rail where there’s a lot going on at the minute.

Best bit about remote working? Engagement with the Waterman Aspen team on video calls. Everyone has been really supportive. We’ve got a great culture.

Worst bit about remote working? The internet connection can sometimes be hit-and-miss which can be a little frustrating in the middle of client video meetings.

What keeps you happy or motivated whilst working at home? Having a plan for the week to balance work and evening / weekend activities – even if all of that is at home. It helps to have things to look forward to even if it’s just movie night or a call with friends.

What do you do for your one bit of exercise each day? I’m a keen cyclist so I’ve got a few local loops I like to ride. I’ve also made sure I get out for a short walk on days I’m not on the bike.

What is the first place you will go when lockdown is over? The pub, after a trip to the barbers…