Shirley Reynolds – Associate Director

Shirley Reynolds – Associate Director

What does your morning routine look like now? Our alarm goes off 30 mins later than it used to and my partner and I enjoy the short commute across the landing after breakfast. We used to commute together into the same office as he works for the client directly.

Where is your home office? In my sewing room, formerly my son’s bedroom and still with Arsenal posters and memorabilia on the walls (a talking point on various video calls!). My partner has set up his home office in our spare room.

What’s on the menu for lunch? Something syn-free to compensate for chocolate, gin and wine at the weekend

What work are you currently involved in? Keeping developers in Warwickshire happy while we progress over 70 s278 highway improvement schemes

Best bit about remote working? The camaraderie within our Waterman Aspen management team and within the client team. And realising that my partner drinks more tea than me so I rarely have to go and make one!

Worst bit about remote working? Missing the face to face and the impromptu conversations that happen in the office

What keeps you happy or motivated whilst working at home? What keeps me happy and motivated is knowing that I’m doing my bit by staying at home. Also, that the work I am doing on secondment is essential to the economy of Warwickshire. But I do have days when I feel low because I’m missing the physical presence of my family and friends and have to remind myself that staying home is the right thing to do for their safety and mine.

What do you do for your one bit of exercise each day? A walk round the village at the end of the working day. It’s been a great way to make ourselves stop at a reasonable time and share what’s been going on during our day.

What is the first place you will go when lockdown is over? My local fabric store for more sewing supplies.

COVID-19 Update

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