Kug Siva – Civil Engineer

Kug Siva – Civil Engineer

Kug SivaWhat does your morning routine look like now? I wake up and straight away get going with work, with a team meeting and a cup of coffee! Albeit I tend to sleep late and wake up much much later than post COVID19 life now, around 8.30am! (hide my face)

Where is your home office? ​I’ve always had a home office setup, with personal pc and a gaming setup, so doing day to day work feels at home.

What’s on the menu for lunch? ​Whatever the Mrs feels happy to make (I dare ask her what’s for lunch?)

What work are you currently involved in? ​Currently working as a project leader on COVID19 schemes in Lewisham rolling out various measures to improve social distancing and modal filter to reduce rat run and speeding in residential streets.

What keeps you happy or motivated whilst working at home? What keeps me happy is knowing I’m home with the loved ones near me being safe from the virus. What keeps me motivated is, the level of project I’m currently working on is unprecedented, redefining how local authorities overlook projects. It’s a whole new change!

Best bit about remote working? ​Get to interact and see my smiling daughters face more often!

Worst bit about remote working? ​End up doing more hours while working at home, where lunch break involves 15min to eat and then back to work, lose track of time.

What do you do for your one bit of exercise each day? ​Fortunately, I live opposite a wonderful park so me and the Mrs go out for 5km walk daily.

What is the first place you will go when lockdown is over? ​Restaurants! Love the Mrs food, but I’m sure even she would appreciate different cuisine.

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