Ashlie Salter – Area Manager

Ashlie Salter – Area Manager

Ashlie Salter Kitchen tableWhat does your morning routine look like now? Chaos. Trying to convince everyone we need to get up, dressed and have breakfast despite having nowhere to go. Followed by a quick dog walk on the common before it gets busy and then an attempt at home school before we settle in for a day at work.

Where is your home office? We recently built an extension so we are lucky to have an office on the ground floor just off from the kitchen/family room. Although I often find myself at the kitchen table doing crafts or home learning.

What’s on the menu for lunch? Anything we can get the kids involved in. We have perfected a quick pizza dough so that is a current favourite.

Best bit about remote working? No commuting coupled with the ability to be flexible and spread my hours around games of hide & seek and brio trains.

Worst bit about remote working? Trying to work with a 2 year old and a 4 year old wanting your attention all day.

What do you do for your one bit of exercise each day? A family dog walk. My eldest has taken an interest in running so we have been doing little runs together also.

What is the first place you will go when lockdown is over? To see family and to drop off the kids!!

The current state of our kitchen table sums up lockdown for us. A chaotic mix of crafts, home learning and working.

COVID-19 Update

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