Providing AutoCAD Training as part of Social Value

Providing AutoCAD Training as part of Social Value

As part of Waterman Aspens ‘giving back’ social value into Rochdale Council, WA facilitated a half day AutoCAD training course for four of RBC’s Traffic Section Assistant Engineers on Tuesday 21st January.

Ross Onufryk, Senior Technician/Assistant Engineer (one of Waterman Aspens own AutoCAD Guru’s) provided the training and was ably assisted by Stuart Farnell (who has been seconded into Rochdale Council for the past 3 years and had arranged the training session).

As part of an agreed Social Value day for Rochdale Council, Stuart had canvassed each individual on their level of expertise and aspirations.  The training was carried out at the new, modern premises of RBC in one of the many specialised training rooms where Ross was able to demonstrate various AutoCAD techniques upon the large wall mounted screen whilst the participants observed. The participants were then given the opportunity to follow suit on their own work laptops at their own speed, with assistance from Ross and Stuart as necessary. Ross was able to demonstrate various techniques from the very basic such as opening up the programme, creating a new drawing, bringing in various sizes of drawing sheet, importing OS backgrounds, how to draw simple lines and shapes, how to add text and dimensions and how to work with model space and paper space. The feedback from the participants at the end of the training was that they were delighted, and they had found the session very useful.

Both Ross and Stuart were able to witness a distinct growth in all of the participants confidence as the course progressed and it was very pleasing to see each of them moving on from at first being hesitant and nervous of the programme, to beginning to experiment with different commands towards the end of the session. It was stressed to the participants how important it would be to follow up the training by now trying to use AutoCAD whenever they got the opportunity in their daily routine. Stuart has pledged to be available to help with any questions/problems that they might come across over the coming weeks.

On the same day, Ross also provided some more detailed/advanced AutoCAD tuition to Stuart, passing on several techniques to improve and quicken up the use of AutoCAD that he has acquired over the years. Part of the reason was to ensure that Stuart could operate AutoCAD to the maximum to ensure he was giving RMC the most efficient service.  The chance to learn advanced skills like this has proved invaluable and was something that really benefitted from being carried out in a face to face environment where questions could be asked and discussions about best practice take place.

COVID-19 Update

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