Scotland Team Try Curling

Scotland Team Try Curling

7 ‘Bambis’ and 1 dark horse (Alan Ferguson – a 10 times before player) took to the ice to Try Curling.  Malcolm Wilson, Tim Kershaw, Neil Lang, Alan Ferguson and partners gathered at Curl Edinburgh to try their hand at the sport of curling.

In the first hour their coach Graeme took them through the sliding delivery, the skip commands and had them work their dinner off through some sweeping drills.

Then the intrepid curlers played a game.  It was a close affair, with Team Flower (top row in the photo) falling behind to a carefully played last stone (the 20kg lump of granite) in the first end (first round).  Team Thumper then did the same the next end, leaving Team Flower (read your list of Bambi characters) to draw but unfortunately throwing light and coming up short giving up another score of 1.

2-0 down going into the last end, Team Flower found their weight and despite some canny takeout’s by Team Thumper, managed to get three stones in and behind some protective covers of stone out front for the end.

The resulting 3-2 win for Team Flower can be off set by the 2 ends to 1 result for Team Thumper.

The lot retired to the club bar for some deserved refreshments for a fun Saturday night on ice!

Curling Team Flower and Thumper

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