Water Team Wins in the Wet

Water Team Wins in the Wet

17th October was the date of Waterman Aspen’s 5th Annual Go Karting Championships. As everyone arrived at Lakeside Karting the rain was pouring, and the weather was not ideal for an outside course. In fact, if it had been raining this badly for any kind of professional race it would have most likely been called off!

The drivers decided to brave the rain with there not-so waterproof race suits. After the quick briefing the drivers where ready to get on the track and so the time trails began. As the rain was getting heavier the drivers seemed to be getting quicker and quicker. Somehow, they kept the karts on the track which could not have been easy. There were a few spins which was to be expected but not as many as the rain called for. Josh Wilce was looking like a true professional out there setting the fastest lap which was almost a whole second quicker than anyone else. This put him on Pole position for the race.

The racers then all lined up on the grid with Josh Wilce starting in pole, Tapan Bhatt in second and Lee Baldry in third. The lights went green and Josh got off to a quick start. The opposite could be said for Tapan as he was nudged in the rear setting off from the line meaning he span out 20 meters from the start.

Josh had managed to achieve a whole race without a single accident as he crossed the finish line, celebrating his victory by raising his fist in the air. It was a sensational race and he was definitely the driver of the day.

In the end everyone was a winner for been able to keep the race competitive in such terrible conditions – truly award-winning driving even the pros would have even been proud of.

The ceremony then took place with Josh Wilce finishing 1st and taking home the much sought after gold Carting Trophy. Lee Baldry had a good race finishing second taking home the silver trophy. Neil Tomlinson came in 3rd taking home the Bronze Trophy with Neil Soloman just missing out. The drivers looking tired and wet were certainly ready for some food which had already been laid out in the Paddock.

As the event drew to an end, all drivers could be very proud of what they had achieved, as even the race directors at Lakeside Karting could not believe how well they had managed to keep the karts on track.