WA Rivers and Coastal Group (RCG) and CIWEM Committee Members

WA Rivers and Coastal Group (RCG) and CIWEM Committee Members

Associate Director for our Water team James Trafford has recently been accepted onto the CIWEM Rivers and Coastal Group (RCG) Committee.

The RCG exists to provide a forum for professional and technical members of CIWEM who have an interest in influencing and implementing policies which affect the physical and social elements of flood and erosion risk management.

The group activities include the:

• Promotion of the development of the sciences affecting the profession and providing opportunities for sharing them

• Promotion of issues between professional and political bodies and to be the Technical Panel for the Institution on matters relating to flood and coastal erosion risk management

• Development of the knowledge of members through a range of technical visits and meetings that cater for the wider interests of the membership in the various environments (i.e. natural and built, urban and rural, fluvial and coastal)

• Facilitation of professional development and continuous learning.

James is also a CIWEM Mentor and is currently mentoring staff within Waterman Aspen to achieve Chartered Membership of CIWEM.

And Waterman Aspen Area Manager Josh Wilce has been asked to join the East Midlands Regional CIWEM Committee.

We are very proud of our continued involvement in the RCG and the CIWEM as we increase our presence within the Water sector.