BIG Workplace Games

BIG Workplace Games

Sunderland City Council hosted their very first BIG Workplace Games on Thursday 5th September, seeing 19 teams take part in fun active games to promote health and well-being to their staff. Teams were subject to 10 different team-based activities, involving:
• Penalty shoot-outs
• Badminton rallies
• Rowing machine
• Squat holds
• Step challenge
• Table tennis
• Agility course
• Shuttle runs
• Bean bag throws
• Reaction wall

2 of our Waterman Aspen staff members were part of SCC’s transportation team, aptly named “The Highwaymen”, and left with the winning trophy. Graeme Barella and Brian Attwood set records for the table tennis and squat holds respectively, as well as contributing to high scores throughout. Over 160 participants were involved and it is expected to be a yearly event.

It’s great to see Waterman Aspen staff feeling integrated within their client teams and joining in with events outside of work.

COVID-19 Update

Waterman Aspen continues to monitor and update its response to the constantly changing situation facing the country and the consultancy and construction industry.

We hope you are all well and safe and should you have any questions or would simply like to talk please do get in touch.