Pageant Girl and Proud

Pageant Girl and Proud

Alicia HawthorneWaterman Aspen’s very own Alicia Hawthorne is competing as a finalist for Miss Essex GB 2019, a direct heat of Miss Great Britain.

Pageants have come such a long way from judges looking at beautiful women and scoring them based on their face or bodies. Now, pageants embrace the fact that all women are beautiful – no matter a person’s shape, height, weight, race, age.

They inspire girls to embrace their own styles and personalities.

They raise money for charity and local community projects.

They create awareness of current affairs and events.

Alicia is also raising money and awareness for this years’ Miss Essex GB’s chosen charity White Ribbon UK, who are part of a global movement to end male violence against women.

You can read Alicia’s story here.

We wish her the best of luck in the event which is being held on 11th August 2019.