North West ICE Annual Construction Challenge

North West ICE Annual Construction Challenge

On the 9th May students, graduates and professionals descended into Manchester to take part in the annual construction challenge, hosted by ICE North West Graduates and Students.

A team was entered in collaboration with Amey; with Peter Hardy and George Brodie representing Waterman Aspen, and Jamie Palmer of Amey. Upon arriving, we were soon set our brief; which was to design and construct a dome 40cm in both height and diameter out of materials such as straws, lollipop sticks, string, Sellotape, etc.


With pressure to live up to team name “Brunel’s Babes”, we knuckled down and quickly settled on our design philosophy. This was to have a series of vertical “ribs” connected to a compression ring at the dome’s peak, and a tension ring at it’s base, along with a series of tension rings at staggered heights.

The structure had to be efficient as a limited budget was to be considered; this led to string being chosen for our tensile material, and straws for the ribs. With materials purchased we began constructing the dome, this is where we learnt, perhaps fatally, that we hadn’t considered buildability. With time cruelly running out, it was all hands on deck as limbs frantically waved about trying to salvage any form of structure resembling a dome.

We presented our “dome” to the judges and it was tested to withstand the required load successfully; MIRACULOUSLY we had managed to fight our way to a 2nd place finish!

Overall the boys enjoyed the experience and had a genuinely fun evening, with eyes solely on the prize for next year!



COVID-19 Update

Waterman Aspen continues to monitor and update its response to the constantly changing situation facing the country and the consultancy and construction industry.

We hope you are all well and safe and should you have any questions or would simply like to talk please do get in touch.