Steve Mack carries out CPD briefing to Graduates

Steve Mack carries out CPD briefing to Graduates

In April Steve Mack was one of 2 Senior staff members to carry out a CPD briefing and site visit to junior staff members in his secondment.

Steve (a Senior Highways Engineer and Waterman Aspen Area Manager) along with his Waterman Infrastructure and Environment colleague and his Graduate team undertook a walk around the city centre of Manchester. Part of the visit was to allow Steve and Amber to give live training of road structure and construction, including explaining what was happening within the Traffic management site.

The team were bursting with questions and it was an excellent CPD for all to see things first hand that they are experiencing in the design office.

  • Traffic Management, design to reality – What’s missing, what could be done better, engineering reasons why certain aspects had not been done (eg – fence within site line, but this was to stop excavation material being accidently placed on the carriageway).
  • Temporary traffic signals and traffic ducts
  • Carriageway Layers (Existing setts)
  • New utilities and what the colours mean, eg gas – yellow, blue water, green – telecom, grey – BT, etc)
  • Plant within the site and what each one is there to do. For example the different sizes of excavators, piling operations, material removal equipment
  • Temporary supports, for example sheet piling, image below shows sheet piling.
  • Drainage and a realisation of how certain aspects are larger than an icon on a drawing, which can create width and depth issues.
COVID-19 Update

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