Celebrating 10 years with Waterman Aspen

Celebrating 10 years with Waterman Aspen

Andrew Bruce 10 yearsAndrew Bruce is a Regional Director for the North East and is celebrating 10 years with Waterman Aspen. Here he is receiving his anniversary gift from Director Donnie Matheson.

We caught up with him to ask him his thoughts on the last 10 years.


Why did you join Waterman Aspen? I worked for Newcastle CC before joining Waterman Aspen. I enjoyed it there, I liked the people and the work was always interesting. However, I was attracted to Waterman Aspen by the offer of variety – working with different clients in the public and private sector without the need to actually move jobs. I must admit, driving around in a battered old 1996 VW Polo at the time, that cut out every time I pressed the clutch, I was also attracted by a company car or car allowance!

What has been your biggest achievement in the last 10 years at Waterman Aspen? Playing a part in the growth of the business as we came out of the recession. We are now a team of 35; this really hit home when I saw all the faces at our Christmas Do in December 2017. I would also say that being part of the successful bid team for a feasibility study to construct Europe’s longest rope bridge in Barnard Castle, County Durham stands out. I played a client liaison role in the project which involved engaging with landowners and a client facing role with Durham CC. I would love to see that bridge get built one day!

Where have you been seconded during your time with us? My first secondment was to the Traffic team at Durham CC, delivering road safety and highway improvement schemes. I am still in regular contact with colleagues from Durham, and they are one of our biggest clients in the North East. Since my first secondment, I have also worked with Network Rail, the consultancy side of the Waterman Group, Sunderland CC and even travelled the country working with Sheffield CC and Warwickshire CC.

Is there anything you would change about the last 10 years? Keeping staff who have left. Our staff retention levels have been very good, but it’s always sad to see people leave. One of our Engineers left earlier this year to move to New Zealand….. that’s always a tricky one to compete with, surely the offer of a site based role through a brutally cold and wet North East winter would be appealing?!

What are your hopes for the next 10 years? Newcastle United lifting the Premier League trophy. I suppose I should be more realistic and not live in a dream world…. I would love to see us continuing to add new talent to the team and maintain a strong balance of public and private sector clients. I hope to see all our staff with academic and professional aspirations reach their goals in the coming years. In terms of the business, I would also like to see us expand into other areas of the construction industry, such as Building Surveying, Building Control and more site-based support on Highway/Infrastructure projects.